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Amuzing Stories

Book has four sections: 1: The Little Space Grils 2: Not-So-Super Heroes 3: Bizarro Nancy 4: Amuzing Stories. Adult content mainly in Bizarro Nancy. The Space Grils live aboard a flying saucer witht their BEM parents and escape to Earth regularly. The Heroes are talking food and parodies of Superman...Nancy, Sluggo and Fritzi Ritz appear as sexual adults, other races, mean people, millenials and aliens. The Amuzing Stories are a mixed bag of satire, weirdness and vaguely autobiographical stories of the rock and roll life of a teenager in the 60's. Denis Kitchen's introduction is a literary metaphor and tissue of lies, yet rings true. Almost everything in this book was written and drawn on spec. No funds were harmed in its creation. Books $9.99 each

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